Evelyne Tomas received very liberated participants on the set of It’s my choice. Among them, Johanna, a young woman who did not hesitate to reveal that she was not wearing panties under her little blue dress. What to unleash the public

Find the sequence in our zapping, with two other TV moments!

You will also have Hanouna in an unprecedented situation for him. Far from a TV clash, here we have the host who confides in a secret of youth. A few moments of emotion in front of an actress who marked him a lot, Cyril Hanouna reveals a facet of his unknown personality.

Also, Le Quotidien meets Miss France and asks her to defy the prohibitions: remove her scarf when she is in public! A very simple act, but which goes against specific commands given by the institution.

But before all that, Johanna on the set of It’s My Choice, details that she does not wear panties. Her companion “likes a lot” according to her, and we believe her!