Iconic Hollywood star John Stamos turned 59 last week, and celebrated with a warm message of love and hope on his Instagram page.

As per reports, Full House star Stamos posted a collection of photos – in video form – from throughout his life on social media, including childhood celebrations, annual family gatherings and one or two pictures featuring he and other famous faces.

The 59-year-old accompanied the video with the caption: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your birthday wishes.

“Here’s some special birthday moments from over the years, in no particular order. I feel like every day is my birthday. I am so grateful for this blessed life that I have and all the beautiful people who are with me now or have passed through.“

He concluded: “God bless you all. And as my dreams continue to come true, I wish the same for you XOJS.”

Fans were quick to wish Stamos a happy birthday, but equally as quick to notice the actor and musician’s photos featuring Bob Saget, including one with the two of them hanging out at a concert and another sharing a picnic.

Saget, of course, passed away earlier this year in January, leaving a huge hole in the entertainment industry.

Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo wrote on Stamos’s post: “Love this so much, happy birthday John. Sweet Bob would be sending you so many hugs right now… and of course all the jokes. Love you!”

Indeed, Stamos is among those who felt the passing of Bob Saget keenly. A dear friend of the comedian and actor, Stamos has remembered Saget often and fondly since his death.

In May, Stamos celebrated Saget on what would have been the latter’s 66th birthday, writing: “Death ends a life, not a relationship,” in another Instagram post.

“Happy Birthday Bobby,” he added. “I miss you madly.”