Not everyone was aware of this and her interview in TODAY’s talk show Hoda and Jenna. The Tony and Emmy awardee shared how her adoption was never a secret her parents kept from her.

Kristin recognized how she was lucky to have her parents.

She shared how her father would often remark how they felt like they won the lottery when they adopted her – a nod at how a good daughter she was. But Kristin would shun and shake it off, saying it was her who won the lottery with the parents she had.

Then, she shared how the news that she’s adopted didn’t come as a surprise.

Kristin told the talk show hosts how her mother explained things to her.

“They always said, ‘The lady that had you in her belly could not take care of you the way she wanted to, and she loved you so much,” she said in the Hoda and Jenna show. “My mom said, ‘She gave you life, but we get to give you a life.’”

The studio was filled with emotion after she said that.

While it is not rare that some parents never kept it from their child that they’re adopted, most stories we heard were often were how some discovered and the truth came to them in a shock. Hearing stories like Kristin’s would fill the room with warm emotions.

In line with her story, she also shared her new storybook.

She wrote a children’s book called “What Will I Do With My Love Today?” – a book about a little girl who adopted a dog named Thunder.

Kristin also shared that the book was also about her dog, who was also named Thuderpup.

She shared a very emotional excerpt of the book that almost reduced the hosts to tears. They asked if she could read it out loud, and we’re thankful she did because it was such a beautiful part of the book.

“You see, Thunder, families don’t all look the same, or talk like each other, or even have the same name.
“Extra love in your heart and your home is waiting for somebody who is all alone.
“No matter how life has brought us together, adoption means family, and family is forever.
“We had lots of love in our family before, but with you Thunder pup, we have even more.”

We could tell from Kristin’s work how her adoption story shaped her as a person.

She learned a lot from it, and she spread that love by adopting Thunderpup, writing about their story, and assuring us that being adopted is a gift and not a curse.

Kristin also revealed that she’s open to adopting a child someday.

She was recently engaged to Josh Bryant, who she has been dating since 2018. The thought of adopting always sat well with her not only because of her age but because she wanted to share the love she felt from her parents to a child who might need it.