Leslie Jordan, known for his roles in “Will & Grace,” “American Horror Story,” “Call Me Kat,” and “Hearts Afire,” has died at 67.
He found new love just months before his passing.
Leslie Jones’ co-stars shared heartbreaking tributes to him.

Leslie Jordan was an icon in his own right. He made a name for himself, starring in many popular series over the years, and was a friend to many Hollywood stars before her passed away on October 24, 2022.

Jordan also got many people through the COVID-19 lockdown period. He posted funny videos online, which were relatable worldwide as the globe was in the midst of the pandemic.

However, Jordan was best known for his roles in “Call Me Kat,” “American Horror Story,” “Hearts Afire,” and “Will and Grace.” He was 67 when he passed away in a terrible accident.

Jordan’s agent announced the star’s death, saying that the light he brought into the world would never go out. The caption also mentioned that fans could look forward to getting a glimpse of a project Jordan was working on before he passed away.

Before his death, Jordan amassed a large following on Instagram and TikTok by posting his funny videos. When asked what he did to earn such a large following, he said he was just being himself.

It was for this reason that many people were heartbroken by his death. Fans, colleagues and friends took to the comments section of the post made on Jordan’s Instagram page to mourn him.

Jordan’s official cause of death has not yet been given. Still, it was reported that he was driving his BMW in Hollywood on Monday, October 4, 2022, when he suffered a medical emergency and crashed into the side of a building.

There was severe damage to the front of the car, most of it on the passenger side. Jordan was pronounced dead on the scene by first responders. The accident happened at around 9:30 a.m.

Just days before his tragic passing, Jordan seemed to be full of life as he appeared in Hollywood. He continued his career in the industry and even found new love before passing on.

Jordan Found a New Lover Months Before Death
Throughout Jordan’s career, he has been a gay icon and was proud to flaunt that. He once quipped:

“I fell out of the womb and into my mother’s high heels.”

Just months before he tragically passed away, the icon revealed that he had found a new man. He talked about his boyfriend in an interview in February this year. He said his boyfriend was helping him overcome his difficulty in accepting compliments.

He mentioned that his boyfriend told him the easiest way to accept a compliment from someone was to give them praise back. Jordan then joked that he didn’t have time for that.

Yet he did admit that his boyfriend had been helping him to become better at accepting compliments despite his aversions. He spoke happily and animatedly about their experience.

While fans were intrigued that Jordan was involved with someone, he was never seen out with his boyfriend. There have been no paparazzi photos of the two or pictures posted on social media.

Jordan was openly gay for almost the entirety of his career. However, he was one to flaunt his relationships. He stayed notoriously private about dating and relationships.

Although he didn’t speak about his relationships often, the social media sensation once revealed to “The Gay Times” that he was in a relationship with a man 20 years younger than himself.

He admitted that they were planning on tying the knot but didn’t manage to go the distance. He then also confessed that he didn’t date gay men exclusively. He shared:

“My generation did that … I was with one for ten years.”

Jordan lived an eccentric life, and his loss was immediately felt in his community and beyond. As soon as his death was announced, tributes began pouring in for the late actor and comedian.

Colleagues Mourn Jordan
Social media was ablaze with tributes to Jordan on Monday night as fans, friends, and co-stars took to the comment section of his death announcement post to mention how much they loved him.

Jordan impacted many lives, and it was clear from the posts on various social media platforms that his circle of fans was diverse. However, those most affected by his death were the ones who had the privilege of working with him.

As the comments on the post on Jordan’s Instagram page grew, so did the individual posts from past co-stars. Mayim Balik, who he worked with on “Call Me Kat,” was one of them.

She took to Twitter to post a statement on behalf of herself and the cast and crew on “Call Me Kat.” Balik expressed:

“Leslie Jordan was larger than life. He was a Southern gentleman; tender, wise, naughty, and hilarious. We got to know and love him at the height of his happiness and joy, and it is inconceivable to imagine a world without our Leslie.”

The post was accompanied by pictures of Jordan, some with Balik and others without. One of the photos showed Jordan as a young man, smiling at the camera with a full head of brown hair.

Megan Mullally, who starred alongside Jordan on “Will and Grace,” also paid tribute to him. She shared a cute photo of the two of them where Jordan was sitting on a quad bike in a cowboy suit as Mullally rested her forearm on his head.

Mullally expressed her shock at losing Jordan and said he was one of her dearest friends. She also mentioned that he was one of the comedy’s greats and shared that he carried out his roles effortlessly.

She ended the post by addressing Jordan directly, telling him that she loved him, missed him, and knew there would never be another person like him. Sean Hayes, another co-star on “Will and Grace,” soon shared his tribute too.

Hayes shared a photo of him and Jordan where Jordan was again in a cowboy outfit. Hayes said he was heartbroken at the loss and confessed that everyone who met Jordan loved him.

He said that Jordan had a big heart and cared very much for the people he loved. He then also addressed Jordan directly, telling him he would be missed and calling him a dear friend.

Erin McCormack was the last “Will and Grace” star to pay tribute to his former co-star. McCormack shared a touching post, saying:

“Crushed to learn about the loss of [Jordan], the funniest & flirtiest southern gent I’ve ever known. The joy and laughter he brought to every one of his #WillandGrace episodes was palpable. Gone about thirty years too soon. You were loved, sweet man.”

Many publications noted that the stars of “Will and Grace” shared their touching tributes for the world to see. Tributes are still pouring in from friends and fans worldwide. Rest in peace, Leslie Jordan.