At 36, Cara Simmons was a three-year-old single mother working as a housekeeper. Behind a hard worker and dedicated to supporting her children, she had no time to waste. Kara hasn’t had any days off. Was it paying?

One day, Cara’s boss, Maid Brite, sent her on a cleaning assignment for a “VIP” client. However, when she arrives, Cara finds a woman in the house, Madeline Bleu, who tells her that she has already cleaned the house but that Cara has things left to take care of.

First, Cara was given the task of tasting the delicious meals prepared for the party, then she had to help the masseuses “warm up” by giving her a good body massage. She had no idea what was really going on!

It didn’t stop there. Bleu told him to get clothes, which turned out to be all his size, then had to go get boxes from a “delivery man”. Turns out it was a well-calculated surprise by his sister and Prank it Forward. To complete it, the house she was sent to is now her home!