Everyone knows the trope about dogs and mailmen.The mailman is the alleged mortal enemy of the dog.These mailmen have the nerve to encroach on a dog’s property, disturbing their happy naps or playtime.“Ruling out that your dog is in pain, it’s safe to assume that the aggression expressed toward the mailperson is out of fear,” animal expert Libby Brittain told Reader’s Digest.

Veterinarian Mark D. Freeman says that dogs view their home as their “territory” and feel the need to protect their home from those that encroach on their personal space.“Dogs have an inherent need to defend their territory from intruders,” Freeman said.So, this is why dogs bark like crazy when there’s someone on their front steps.

Dogs may even react this way if they see your mailman on the street.

“Meeting the postal carrier on the street is equally disturbing,” Freeman says. “The dog will react to the familiar smells and assume the carrier is the same threat they experience at home.”

It is possible to acclimate your dog to a visit from the mail carrier.
“Think of how you’ve introduced your dog to other people so that they associate them as friends and apply that if possible to establishing a relationship with your postman,” Brittain said.

You may also try leaving your mailman a note for your mail carrier with your dog’s name so they can address your dog properly, which can be comforting.

With a name like Hulk, it could be easy for a mailman to be standoffish when it comes to greeting a dog. Hulk likes to bark a lot when his mailman comes to visit. He does it every single time.

So, the mailman takes a methodical approach and adopts a demeanor of being “super chill” with Hulk.

He calls Hulk “beautiful” in between telling the dog what to do like “don’t jump on the window” or “stay down.”
But Hulk never stays down and he isn’t about to entertain a man in a uniform coming onto his property and telling him what to do in his own house.

However, nice or chill this mailman might act. So, Hulk just continues to bark and will likely continue to do so.
Still, this mailman continues his repetitive work day in and day out greeting Hulk with calm amongst Hulk’s protective cries.

Hulk’s owner Samantha was doing some spying on her dog and mailman and recorded it on her doorbell camera which she later posted on YouTube. That video has been viewed more than 550,000 times. She was enamored by the way that the mailman talks to her dog Hulk.

“He told me he loves my beautiful dog,” Samantha said of the mailman.

A lot of people shared their silly stories about their own dogs and their mailman in the comments.
“When we were dog-sitting our next neighbor’s little dog our mailman laughed when he caught us with her. She was barking at him and she recognized him too. That was funny,” one said.