My mother’s role in my life has always been invaluable and immeasurable. Her advice and love have always saved me from a number of trials, pushed me to do only and only good deeds.

We were so close to my mother that when I moved to another city, my life seemed to stop. It has not been two months since I received the news of her passing away. I felt terribly bad, I got under a lot of stress, because my most caring mother was always attentive to me, even though she was far away.

It had been 48 days since she was no longer with us. It was my birthday. I was sitting alone and sad when there was a knock on the door. They gave me a big parcel and said it was from my mother.

I was terribly shocked, I couldn’t believe in my eyes, but I took it. Inside the box there was my favorite chocolate, clothes, jewelry and a letter that said: “Daughter, it is possible that when you receive this parcel of mine, I will not be alive. I feel that my condition is getting worse day by day. I am sending your birthday present. It will arrive two months later, right on your birthday. Congratulations. With love, your mother.”