Two twin reindeer have beaten the odds just in time for a Christmas miracle. The pair were born on a farm just outside Anchorage, Alaska.

Experts say that it is rare for reindeer to survive when born together.
Not only did the twins, named Spicy and Spike, survive, but they are now thriving.

The reindeer live on Williams Reindeer Farm, where they serve as an attraction for visitors who tour the farm.

“The twins are super special,” she said. “They’re super awesome because Spike was bottle-raised, he was in a special pen.”

Those who are touring the farm, where there have been reindeer on the farm for more than 30 years, could stop by and learn about the twins’ story.

“We have the largest captive herd in North America…in the 30 years of having reindeers, no other twins have survived beyond 24 hours,” farm owner Lauren Waite told KTUU-TV.

“As far as we know, we know a lot of other reindeer farmers that I don’t know anybody else has had twins that survived.”

There has only been a handful of documented cases around the world where reindeer twins are known to have survived.
“I actually have a picture of her the day before she gave birth and she doesn’t even look pregnant,” Waite said.

“It was amazing to have these two twins that were both nursing off the same mom and she was licking them both dry. She totally knew they were both her babies.”

The farm staff knew something was off right away when the twins’ mom, Sugar Mama, was in labor.

She had only been in labor for about 20 minutes when Waite made her way over to Sugar Mama.
She was able to witness the birth as soon as she walked over.

Usually, labor takes longer than that. Sugar Mama was so calm throughout the process that Waite invited farm spectators to witness the birth.

Waite said she saw two hooves pop out after the first baby had been delivered.
She admits she panicked a bit, realizing they were twins and knowing that the babies and mom could be at risk.

Waite grew more optimistic about the twins’ survival as every day passed.

The twins had to be separated at first because Spike needed to be taken in for special care. They have since been brought back together.
“They’re weaned, weaned from the bottle, weaned from their mom,” Waite told KTUU-TV. “They’re in the same pen now, and they find each other often.”

The twins spend their days lying around together and eating the same hay bale.

Waite thinks her Spicy and Spike have “twin telepathy.”
They are always seeking each other out. Waite says that the twins are “best friends” even after their period of separation.

There are usually a boy and a girl when twin reindeer are born.

Sometimes these babies can be sterile.
But Waite says that even if the twins aren’t able to reproduce, they will still be kept on the farm and never sold.

So, these two get to live out the rest of their days together on the farm.