Emilio loves his “pink castle” – but many neighbors are angered over the paint work.
Many individuals more than once say that a man’s home is his palace a place when one can do anything they like; but they need, as long as it’s lawful, obviously.

What anybody does in their home is their business alone, whether it’s grilling in winter, setting up some yard flamingos, or painting your whole house in another color-regardless of the fights of neighbors.

In the Pflugerville neighborhood of Austin, Texas, an occupant there chose to paint his whole house in a brilliant shade of pink.

Envision taking a normal walk around your neighborhood, and every one of the houses you see are shades of tans and grays before unexpectedly going over a place painted completely in pink-everything, the dividers, the entryways, the drains, the rooftop, the color of Pepto-Bismol. Could it annoy you?

Emilio Rodriguez purchased the single-story home in November of 2018.

The wheelchair-bound man was deadened in a mishap when he was four years of age and endured heart issues for his entire life. In this way, for his purposes, pink is a color that has generally lit up his day.

“Simply my favorite color,” Rodriguez told CBS Austin, “I have it inked on my body, on my neck.”

Emilio began painting at the rear of his home; presently, every inch, from the dividers to the drains, is the color of bubblegum. Or on the other hand, as would be natural for Emilio, Pepto-Bismol.

Emilio additionally accepts he ought to do his part to “keep Austin strange,” as large numbers of the city’s inhabitants say.

While Austin has gained notoriety for being more moderate than the remainder of Texas, it appears to be that coloring one’s whole house pink is going too far to some of the neighbors.

“I love this house,” Emilio told CBS, “I don’t have any idea why individuals could do without it; a great deal love it.”

The Austin occupant additionally anticipated painting his carport and wheelchair pink.

Prior to following up on his fantasy, Emilio made a point to get his work done and ensure what he was going to do was entirely lawful.

The property holder ensured that the house wasn’t under any property holder’s affiliation. He told FOX 7:

“Regardless of whether they made a HOA here, I’m now grandfathered in, so we’re set. I got my work done ahead of time.”

Look at the bright pink house!