Marla McCants is one of the most memorable figures from the series My 600-lb Life. She couldn’t walk, was morbidly obese, and at one point weighed over 800 pounds.

Marla’s life was at risk if she didn’t get help, and she eventually landed her spot on the show. Today, she’s lost more than 500 pounds – and the transformation is just amazing!

A healthy diet can be a hard thing to maintain. If you have a family, a partner or many interests, it can be time-consuming to cook healthy food, and sometimes pretty expensive as well.

Fast food is definitely a trap. Sure, it can be good now and then, but in the long run it’s bad for your health if you eat too much of it. That’s why we’re always told we should work out to improve our minds, bodies and souls!

There are many inspirational people who try to teach us how to live a healthy life through exercising, eating healthy and working on our inner peace in order to feel great. But as inspiring as these physically fit people can be, so too are people like Marla McCants.

A number of years ago, she appeared on My 600-lb Life weighing over 800 pounds. Due to her unhealthy lifestyle, she was thought to be very close to dying.

However, with great dedication, and help from Dr Now, Marla turned her life around. These days, she looks amazing!

So how did she do it? Here’s all you need to know about Marla McCant’s incredible journey!

Even after someone makes it onto the show, there’s plenty of work yet to be done. When Marla McCants appeared on My 600-Lb Life, Dr. Younan. Nowzaradan, also known as “Dr Now”, wasn’t convinced that he could help her at all.

In fact, Dr. Now has actually walked away from several patients over the years because he felt that he could no longer help them.

“There have been a few patients I felt I could no longer help,” he told People.

“I will always be available if they need me. If they won’t stick to the program, at some point, I can longer help them and they are taking resources from someone else who needs it.”

Marla McCants was so morbidly obese that she couldn’t even get up to walk by herself. She was eating food in bed, even frying food in a small fryer that she always had with her.

Marla was addicted. Addictions, as we know, are never easy to break.

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