Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are busy investing in their new careers. In particular, Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes, is performing well, and with every new episode that is released, listeners are getting more and more glimpses into her and Harry’s life.

The Sussexes have two young children, and that, in itself, is not always that easy to handle. In her last podcast episode, Meghan confessed that becoming a mother to a girl – not a boy – changed her life completely.

Meghan Markle has been in the spotlight of the British media ever since she and Harry met, started dating, married, and later left the Royal Family. The infamous Oprah Winfrey interview had people both loving and despising her in equal measure, depending on whose side they decided to take.

Through her latest project, podcast Archetypes, the former actress has grown herself an extensive fan base – the podcast has thus far been a huge success story.

Of late, however, arguably the biggest talking point regarding the Sussexes hasn’t centered around Meghan Markle. Instead, it’s been about Harry, with details of his new, tell-all memoir being revealed.

Meghan Markle & Harry – future, new tell-al book
Harry’s upcoming book has been a talking point for a long time. Several reports have revealed that his book – published by Penguin Random House – is bound to create new tension between himself and the rest of the Royal Family.

“Prince Harry will share, for the very first time, the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him,” Random House said in the press release, teasing the book as an “honest and captivating personal portrait.”

The release date for Harry’s book, named Spare, is set for January 10. Harper’s Bazaar speculates that it might address Harry’s “spare” role as the second son of a King or that perhaps he is being “spared” from the Royal Family now that he has left.

Meghan divorced her first husband in the cruelest way
Better sit before Harry’s 3-word-reply to aide who called him “mate”
No matter what, it’s generally rumored that the memoir will paint a negative picture of Harry’s family. According to Page Six sources, the book will contain several truth bombs.

“It’s juicy, that’s for sure,” one NY publishing source told the news outlet.

“There’s a lot of new stories in there about the past that Harry has not spoken about before, about his childhood … there is some content in there that should make his family nervous,” another publishing insider added.

According to Page Six, Harry’s already received “at least $20 million upfront” from his publisher, Penguin Random House.

May 6 will mark the 4th birthday of Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie. How the couple reacted to the fact that King Charles’s coronation will be on the same date has not yet been revealed. Neither has it been confirmed whether Harry and Meghan will even be invited.

Should the new memoir would reveal new juicy and negative details about King Charles, Camilla, or any royal family members. In that case, the Sussexes might see themselves being banned from even attending the coronation of his Majesty.

Though the book is not yet out for a couple of months, Harry’s relationship with William and some of his family members is – as we all know – strained to say the least.

According to The Sun, William and Harry have barely spoken at all since the Sussex Prince released the news of his book. Other members of the Firm are also reportedly said to be waiting on “tenterhooks” to read the memoir.

“Harry has thrown a spanner in the works as he is desperate to get [the memoir] refined in the light of the Queen’s death, her funeral, and his father Charles taking the throne,” a source said.

“There may be things which might not look so good if they come out so soon after the Queen’s death and his dad becoming King.”

The source added: “He wants sections changed. It’s not a total rewrite by any means. He desperately wants to make changes. But it might be too late.”

Meghan & Harry’s visit during Queen’s funeral
As stands, Harry’s memoir is reportedly finished. In the process of writing it, he reportedly spoke to many of old friends back in England, asking if they could help him.

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