Mom delivers twin girls with matching snow-white hair, and their unusual beauty comes out years later

Every expectant couple experiences both immense excitement and apprehension as they await the arrival of their baby… So finding out you’re pregnant with twins is undoubtedly stressful, but also exciting.

The shock of twins in particular added to one couple when they saw their two snow-white newborns.

Indeed, Argentine Jorge Gomez and his wife had no idea how much worldwide attention their two beautiful daughters would receive after their birth in 2018.

Mr. and Mrs. Gomez were thrilled when they found out they were pregnant in 2018. They were looking forward to completing their family by making their first-born son a big brother.

Like any sane pregnant couple, they made sure to visit the doctor regularly for check-ups and to make sure everything was fine. During one of these visits, they learned they were expecting not one, but two babies: a set of twin girls.

The difficulty of carrying and giving birth to not one, but two children is dangerous, but Ms. Gomez had a completely normal pregnancy.

Through it all, the Gomez family was excited and looking forward to seeing their two new daughters. The usual arrangements were made, such as preparing a suitable space for their soon-to-arrive bundles of joy.

But there was one thing they didn’t expect. The amazing twin girls arrived 36 weeks early at a hospital in the province of Tucuman, Argentina.

Despite this, Catalina and Virginia, the two little fighters, were in good condition. Catalina was the first to weigh 5.95 pounds. Virginia, weighing 5.5 pounds, arrived two minutes later.

However, even though they were early, their healthy weight was far from the biggest surprise. Catalina and Virginia emerged with snow-white hair – and neither looked like their parents.

It is learned that the girls were born with albinism, a rare genetic disease that causes a lack of color in the skin. In the United States, for example, only one in 17,000 newborns is born with albinism. Albinism runs in families, and for most forms, both parents must have the gene for albinism.

Jorge told a local newspaper that they were overjoyed when the doctor told them they had two children, and when they were born and the parents found out they were albino, their joy did not change at all. According to the parents, this is a godsend for them.

Catalina and Virginia became the first set of albino twins born in Argentina when they were born.

Everyone was surprised by their unique genetic disease. However, Jorge and his wife felt blessed by their new arrival. Father Jorge explained that when the doctors told the parents they were having twins, the parents were overjoyed, and when they were born and discovered they were albino, their happiness did not diminish at all.

However, the twins bring with them additional security issues that need to be addressed. One example is that, like other people born with albinism, girls are especially sensitive to UV rays, so Gomez has to be extra careful with sun protection at all times.

Catalina and Virginia will be four years old this year, and as they grow, they become more adorable every day.

In December 2021, the girls appeared in outfits designed by a close family friend. We hope that their story and these photos can shed some light on albinism and show how beautiful albino individuals can be.

Most importantly, the Gomezes have shown that every child, regardless of genetic predisposition, deserves to be warmly and nonjudgmentally valued.

They are so adorable! The story of Katherine and Virginia really shows us that all children, regardless of their genetic makeup, deserve to be valued and appreciated.