Having a baby is one of the most exciting time’s in one’s life, but it can also be an unnerving experience for the parents involved. Especially if you’re baby grew so big while in the womb, that it came out the size of a toddler like the one in this story.

This will totally blow your mind!

The average weight for a newborn baby is approximately 7.5 pounds, and around 20 inches long, unless your TikTok user shans1588 whose second baby broke all the norms with its massive size.

It all started when one TokToker put out a video saying:

“I wanna see who had the biggest baby. Whoever sees this video, tell me the weight of your biggest baby.”

Shans was happy to reply, she even showed a Snapchat video of her giant baby
Shans1588 responded to the video saying:

“You wanna see the biggest baby? I got you. At 38 weeks and 1 day, I had my second son via c-section, by two doctors”

She went on to reveal the actual size of her son J, and it will shock you:

“Because, he came at a whopping 14 pounds point 6 ounces, twenty-three and three-quarter inches long. Yes, I gave birth to a toddler, who then spent 11 days in the NICU where clearly he was the biggest baby in there.”

Holy cow, I wonder what Shans was eating during her pregnancy to have a baby so big?

Shans goes on to explain how they didn’t even have clothes and diapers his size in the NICU
During the TtkTok video, Shans had a picture of her oversized newborn in the background which you can’t really see until she slides down to reveal it.

“The NICU did not even have diapers for him or clothes, they had to go up to Pediatrics to get size 3 diapers, and he came hope in clothing 6-9 months, that’s him,” Shans says as she slides down to reveal the picture of her newborn.

If you’re wondering whether or not J continued to grow at this rapid pace, he did not
In a follow-up video, Shans let everyone know that her huge newborn grew to be a happy and healthy child.

“Our 14 1b .6oz baby boy J is a healthy, stubborn and STRONG five-year-old who loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks.”

According to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest baby ever born was in 1955 in Aversa, Italy, at an insane 22 pound 8 ounces. Another baby that was born at the start of 1879, to a lady named Anna Swan(who was almost 8 feet tall herself), was recorded to be 23 pounds 9 ounces, and almost 30 inches long, but sadly, he only survived for 11 hours.

Even though little J’s size didn’t break any records, that’s still an incredible size for any baby. Thanks to social media, we now get to see virtually anytime there is a baby who grew to abnormal sizes while in their mother’s womb.