My husband and I had problems for a long time, but I don’t tell anyone about it, not even my own mother. I had always believed that I must solve my problems myself, and I didn’t want to burden others with my problems.

But after so many conversations and explanations to my husband, I felt that my words were not getting through to him. He started coming home terribly late and became indifferent to me. I explained to him that by doing so he would ruin our family. He seemed to understand, but the next day he did the same thing again.

So I decided to tell his father about my problems. I told him that we have similar problems that have not been solved for months.

A few days later my life changed. My father-in-law talked to my husband like a man to a man. Then he said that we were living through difficult and responsible years right now, and if he deviated from his family he would lose his most important and dearest thing forever, his family.

After that conversation, my husband changed. Now he pays attention to me and to children, comes home early and spends long periods of time with us. I am extremely grateful to my father-in-law who was able to save my family from ruin with his advice. I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life.