My husband and I have been married for several years. We have one child. Although we have been married for several years, my mother-in-law does not accept my existence. She constantly underestimates me, constantly says that his son is better than me, that his son deserves better, that his son is a cute handsome guy and I am ugly.

She didn’t like me from the beginning, so she doesn’t accept my existence. We had guests that day, my mother-in-law began to praise and idolize the boy, my daughter-in-law is not very pretty, the boy is very handsome, the girls are crazy about my son.

And then I got upset and answered.

-Mom, you talk about your son as if he were Alain Delon. He’s just an ordinary man, with glasses and half his teeth missing. Yes, maybe he’s a little taller and thinner than me. Stop praising your son and throwing me in the mud every time. People have eyes, they see me and your son, too.

She didn’t expect me to answer her like that, she was surprised, but at least she stopped talking.