My son and daughter-in-law were very happy to be married.

I never had a daughter, I always dreamed of having one, and my daughter-in-law became a daughter to me. She is a very nice girl, well-mannered, respectful, I have no complaints about her.

But there is one problem. My son became very cold to her.
He comes home, immediately sits down at the computer and starts playing.
They were arguing about it. It’s horrible, and my daughter-in-law is right there. I talked to my son too, I explained, I tried to help him, but nothing worked.

I told my daughter-in-law to be smart, that if she wanted to keep her family together, she had to make her husband think he had lost you.

I advised my daughter-in-law to have a good fight and get out of the house.

The daughter-in-law had a big fight, packed her things and left. The boy begged him not to leave, but it didn’t work.

We were left alone and my son, saw the result of his actions, he realized he had lost his love and family.

He was terribly sorry and decided to do whatever it took to get his wife back. After 2 weeks my daughter-in-law came back, and now they live very happily and don’t fight anymore.