A newborn baby brings joy happiness with their arrival to the world. It was no different when Amira Yvonne Glenn was born to Taveon Glenn and Sierra Still. Amira instantly become the center of their lives. Amira is Taveon’s first child and like every new parent, he had to record everything he could.

Taveon recorded Amira’s first bath, that included washing of her hair, by a nurse at the hospital.

Some babies are born with little or no hair, but Amira was born with a full head of hair.
When the nurse had to bath Amira for the first time, she knew that Amira would need to wash out her beautiful hair as well. Taevon filmed the bath time to be able to show to his family that was not present, including the newly minted grandparents. Luckily for Taevon and Amira, she loved her bath time.

Newborn baby girl melts hearts getting her hair washed

As the nurse, from Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, starts to soap up Amira’s hair, Amira cannot help but relax and enjoy it. Amira at times will close her eyes in relaxation and even open her mouth as if she wants to smile. The nurse is great at keeping Amira relaxed as she talks to her,

“Does that feel good,” the nurse asks. Amira immediately opens her mouth in a smile and the nurse notices. The nurse replies, “Ohhhhhh, hi.”

This is one little girl that is going to love to get pampered when she is older.
Amira loved the head massage she was getting while the nurse was soaping her hair, but once the nurse starts getting the soap out with water, Amira looks as if she is in her personal heaven. It does not go unnoticed by the nurse who tells Amira,

“Oh, you are loving it.”

The nurse quickly gets the baby brush to start brushing Amira’s hair. Amira instantly closes her eyes and looks as if the brushing is about to put her asleep. When the nurse starts talking though, Amira opens her eyes again. She was not going to fall asleep, she was just enjoying her hair getting brushed out.

Try not to get baby fever yourself when you watch the full video below.