What makes people happy?

A good book, a night out with friends, Netflix and chill? All that sounds good, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the weather, right?

Especially when said weather is a snowy winter wonderland.

Indeed, for an Ohio man, there’s nothing better than having fun in the snow.

Blake Dixon has always been a little too passionate about snow days. In fact, in middle school, he dreamed of building a snow castle or something similar.

Several years later, his childhood dream came true and he couldn’t be happier.

We’re talking igloos, of course.

After years of engineering, Dixon was able to build his biggest igloo to this day.

A few weeks back, the man started working on his ambitious project, but things didn’t look so promising at the beginning.

“When we first started working on it, all we had was a pile of snow, and then we were working on the inside to pull it all out,” Blake’s friend who helped him build the igloo said. “The top collapsed, and with some ingenuity from Blake, as well as a little bit of persistence, we were able to reconstruct the dome.”

Despite the challenges, the team managed to build a multiple-room igloo.

The “snow castle” features a full sitting area, hallway, and second room.

Dixon is proud of the job.

He and his friends worked hard to make it happen, and he is loving the fact that his igloo is putting smiles on people’s faces.

Not done yet

The igloo can host at least seven adults and two kids. But when the whole thing first went public, it was not finished yet.

According to the man, there were still additions that needed to be made in order for it to be complete.

He planned to add a fireplace and a chimney, and the team was already working on it.

The big reveal

A few days ago, Blake posted the finished igloo on his Instagram account and he got hundreds of likes.

As he shows in the video, there’s now a fireplace, a tv, and the igloo is pretty much the perfect place to spend a lazy evening.

In his posts, Dixon thanked everyone who helped him realize this project, and he advised everyone to pursue their dreams.

“Brainstorm an idea and make it happen,” he wrote. “It’s a blessing to see an idea come to reality, seeing smile on people’s faces, and inspiring the young community!”

For the record, Blake Dixon recently graduated with a master’s degree in climate change and global sustainability, and, in his own words, he is “ready to save the world”.

We don’t know if he’ll succeed in that mission, but for now, he has made many people happy with his construction, and this is something he should be proud of.

He’s built the perfect place to chill.

Check out Dixon’s igloo in the video below!