This is a true story that happened in Japan. A statement with the following content was published in one of the newspapers published in Tokyo. “Parents are for sale. father – 70 years old, mother – 65 years old. Price: 1000 yen and no less.”

This strange statement caused quite a stir. People who read it were confused and upset. “Where have we come, what are these times and manners, children are already selling their parents.” Some added: “How do the authorities allow such a thing?”

The statement was discussed in homes and streets, criticized by everyone.

The announcement was also read by a young couple who recently lost their beloved parents in a car accident. They were grieving their great loss, and someone’s desire to sell their parents was sacrilegious in their view. They had a good idea of ​​what unhappy parents in such a situation could feel, what they could expect from their children. The couple immediately decided to liberate and buy old people and surround them with love.

Taking the necessary money, they went to the address indicated in the statement. When they arrived, they saw a magnificent mansion, completely surrounded by various flowers and bushes. They thought the ad had the wrong address and decided to call anyway.

An elderly man with a pleasant smile opened the door. The couple told about the ad, also that they had lost their parents and now, after reading the ad, decided to buy the elderly couple and take care of them. They apologized to the elderly man for causing trouble as they had apparently come to the wrong address.

— No, you are not mistaken, the address is correct. Come in, now I will call my lady, – invited the excited man.

He left and soon returned with his wife. They told.

— We are the owners of this house, we also have other valuable property. We don’t have children and we would like all our wealth to go to worthy and good people, that’s how we made such a statement. We thought that only a worthy person would respond to the announcement. To be honest, we doubted that there would be a buyer for such a product. Your wish brings you great honor and us great joy. We are sure that you are the people to whom we can leave our property.