Laugh along with this classic clip from The Carol Burnett Show starring Carol Burnett and Tim Conway as extras.

The Carol Burnett Show was an iconic piece of comedy. This beloved variety show ran for 11 seasons and featured renowned actors such as Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, and Dick Van Dyke.

Every week, the world laughed along with these hilarious sketches, parodies and comedic routines. Taped before a live audience, this show was unlike anything else on television.

The show bid farewell on March 29, 1978 with a star-studded two-hour finale. But the sketches from the show continue to live on through new technologies and social media.

Now, a whole new generation has the opportunity to relive some of Carol’s best moments such as The Dentist Visit and The Toilet Paper Sketch.

Today, we’re taking a look back at another classic clip with Tim and Carol as they pretend to be scene-stealing extras. Before the sketch, Carol explains the premise. “Most actors in movie or television start their careers playing small parts or even as extras. And as extras, they are always hopeful of being discovered and very often they’ll do just about anything to attract attention.”

Tim and Carol are portraying the extras and, even though these two characters have no lines during the scene, they attempt to draw attention to themselves in so many hilarious ways. From hand gestures to nail filing, these two come up with a bunch of funny ways to get the audience to look at them.