Sophie Wessex is many things, a wife, a mom of two, and the Countess of Wessex. But according to experts, she is more than that. Sophie has been reportedly tagged the Royal Family’s “Secret Weapon” and “Queen’s favorite.” Here are the details as to why the monarch is allegedly fond of her daughter-in-law.

The Countess of Wessex, Sophie Wessex, is best known as the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Prince Edward. But before she became a member of the Royal Family, she had a career path in public relations.

The first daughter and second child of Christopher and Rhys Jones, Sophie, launched her public relations company in 1996 and worked with multiple companies.

In June 1999, three years after she launched her company, Sophie’s life would change forever following her marriage to Prince Edward at Windsor Castle.

Her union with Edward saw her become Queen Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law and one of the most important people in the Royal Family; her Royal Highness, The Countess of Wessex.

A few years after her marriage, Sophie would become the mother of Queen Elizabeth’s youngest grandchildren, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

The former joined the family on November 8, 2003, while James, Viscount Severn, arrived on December 17, 2007. Here are more details about Sophie Wessex and her role in the Royal Household.

Sophie, the Alleged Secret Weapon/Queen’s Favorite
Sophie may not be the most famous member of the Royal Family, but her significant input has earned her some praise. Over the years, many sources have opened up about the Countess and how her impact on the Royal Household has strengthened her bond with the Monarch, one of which is Former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond.

In July 2022, Bond spoke in a column for inews Online, describing Sophie as the Royal Family’s rising star. According to the former BBC correspondent, the Countess of Wessex “may be the monarchy’s secret weapon whenever the going gets tough.”

About two years before Bond’s claims, Royal Journalist and Author Victoria Murphy shared the same sentiment. During a 2020 interview, Murphy claimed that Sophie had become more important than ever following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back.

According to the royal journalist, the countess had become a loyal and reliable member of the Royal Family. In Murphy’s words (via Daily Mail):

“Her work does not regularly receive the kind of media attention that the younger royals command, but Sophie has become a stalwart member of the ‘firm.'”

Murphy further claimed that Sophie’s intensified importance was due to her down-to-earth nature and quietly assured approach to her royal duties. According to reports, Sophie was admired for her ability to speak her mind while being polite. Undoubtedly, the Countess is worthy of every accolade she has received, as her actions prove.

Not only has she made the headlines due to her dedication to her duties as a working royal, but Sophie’s role as a daughter-in-law has landed her in the tabloids many times, one of which was after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, Prince Philip.

In 2021, Royal Commentator Duncan Larcombe claimed that Sophie had become the Queen’s rock as the latter tried to adjust to life without her husband.

Larcombe also revealed that the Countess had made it a duty to ensure that Queen Elizabeth received adequate support from the family. According to the royal commentator (via The Sun):

“Since the Duke’s death in April, Sophie has driven the 10 miles from her Bagshot Park home to Windsor Castle every few days and most weekends to spend socially distanced time with her Majesty.”

Over a year later, Sophie still spends quality time with her mother-in-law, especially now that the latter struggles with mobility issues. The Countess also fills in for the Queen to support the monarch with some of her royal duties.

For example, in the last few months, Sophie, alongside her husband, has been saddled with the responsibility of representing Queen Elizabeth in Gibraltar, Cyprus, and on their Platinum Jubilee tour of St. Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, etc.

It is no wonder why Sophie was once reportedly tagged the Queen’s “favorite.” Besides being allegedly called the secret weapon and the Queen’s favorite, Sophie has also reportedly won the title of “invaluable” due to her hard work, especially in the fight for women’s empowerment.

According to a report from Express, on International Women’s Day 2019, the Countess stood up in Buckingham Palace and pledged to do everything possible to help survivors in conflict. Express also reported that Sophie promised to champion the international Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

The Reasons behind Sophie’s Reported Titles
Many have wondered what makes Sophie unique enough to be reportedly considered the Royal Family’s secret weapon and the Queen’s favorite.

A few years ago, the CEO of 100 Women in France, Amanda Pullinger, claimed that one reason was that Sophie presented herself as an ordinary person, which members of the Royal Family needed to do.