We’ve all been there. Whether going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or local coffee shop, we go to pay only to realize we don’t have any money. Usually, it’s because we accidentally left it at home. Other times, we have a little bit but just not quite enough. Regardless, it’s embarrassing.

This is what happened to one man. All he wanted was a simple cup of coffee but for whatever reason, he didn’t have the money in hand. That’s when a kind-hearted stranger stepped in to help. But as you’ll soon learn, this wasn’t an encounter you’d ever expect to happen.

Pay it forward
Today, a lot of people are involved with the “pay it forward” movement. All that means is they do something nice for another person. Depending on the situation, the act of kindness is anonymous while other times, the receiver knows who helped them out. It’s all about treating other people with kindness and respect, especially when they need it the most.

One New Jersey couple were about to get the surprise of a lifetime
Ruth Reed and her husband often go out of their way to help people, especially veterans. Regularly, they go to either Dunkin’ Donuts and Wawa where they love to pay the tabs of complete strangers. For this elderly couple, doing that makes them feel good.

Ruth is a retired elementary school teacher. People know her for her kindness inside and outside of the educational system. While at Wawa one day, she noticed that a man standing in line ahead of her didn’t have enough money to buy a cup of coffee. As she would with anyone, Ruth stepped forward, insisting that she pay.

When the man turned around, Ruth thought he had a striking resemblance to the famous country music star, Keith Urban. But surely not. What in the world would he be doing in Wawa, and without any money? Well, after he introduced himself, she knew he was in fact, Keith Urban.

Even after he told Ruth his name, she wasn’t completely convinced. That is until she saw several bodyguards around him. Yep, it was Keith Urban, standing there in person. Even with confirmation, she was in shock. After all, he’s a big deal.

Standing at the counter, Ruth and Keith had a wonderful conversation. Although it only lasted a few minutes, it was memorable, at least for her. That’s when she got up enough courage to ask if she could take a photo with him. Without hesitation, he gladly obliged.

For Ruth, all she did was help a guy out who was in a pinch. Sure, it was Keith Urban, but still. That quick and innocent encounter would make her somewhat of a celebrity too. After she posted about what happened on social media, multiple news stations picked up the story.

Ultimately, she agreed to be on the Pickler & Ben show, hosted by two additional celebrities, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron. While Ruth isn’t a big star like Urban, she has gained notoriety. If nothing else, this just goes to show that lending a hand to someone in need could turn into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Check out her interview in the video below.