Fans have mistakingly slammed Robert Irwin for appearing to dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween.

Earlier this week, the 18-year-old took to TikTok to share a video of his costume with his 4.6 million followers. Unfortunately, the look was not well met by fans who blasted him for dressing up as the notorious serial killer.

Frustratingly for Robert, it was his followers who had the wrong end of the stick and mistaken his innocent outfit for a Dahmer costume.

In the viral clip, Robert can be seen wearing a short-sleeved yellow shirt, a blue tie, and Dahmer-style wire-framed glasses.

“Identity theft is not a joke. Millions of families suffer every year,” he says to the camera, before panning it to show another man dressed in a white shirt and black tie.

“Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica,” Robert’s friend says.

The video is captioned: “Happy Halloween from Dunder Mifflin’s Australia Zoo Branch!”

Anyone familiar with the long-running sitcom The Office would easily recognize that Robert was actually dressed up as Dwight from the US version of the show.

If his outfit and caption weren’t enough of a clue, the teen makes it even more obvious that he’s channeling Dwight by playing The Office theme music in the background.

Despite this, many fans still misinterpreted Robert’s costume and assumed that he’d dressed up as Dahmer – the cannibalistic serial killer who murdered at least 17 people between 1978 and 1991.

“Tell me he’s not dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer on Halloween. Cause if he is then, byeeee,” one person commented. “Jesus dude I got Dahmer vibes at first,” another wrote, while a third questioned: “Jeffery [Dahmer]?”

However, others leaped to the teen’s defense.

One commented: “Guys he’s clearly dressed as Dwight from the office and not Dahmer, have you guys not heard these lines before?”

“Literally has the office theme song playing how is anyone confused,” another pointed out.

Meanwhile, Steve Irwin’s son isn’t the first person to be criticized for dressing up as Dahmer.

Ever since Netflix’s hit TV series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was released in September, people have been taking to Twitter to warn others against going as the serial killer for Halloween.

Despite the warnings, Australian football star, Jack Ginnivan found himself in hot water after dressing up as the notorious serial murderer.

The 19-year-old sparked outrage online after he posted a mirror selfie in a blood-stained T-shirt, blue jeans, and Dahmer’s signature wide-lens glasses while staring into the camera with a blank look on his face.