A proud mom has shared beautiful images of her daughter Lula Beth Bowden after she fought stage 2 cancer at just 3 years old.

Announcing to the world that she is now cancer free the Texas toddler held a sign with the words: “It came. We fought. I won.”

Lula was diagnosed with a type of pediatric cancer called ‘Wilms’ Tumor’ and an almost football-sized tumor was removed along with her kidney in an operation which lasted 5 hours.

Lula then had to endure 13 rounds of chemotherapy over 22 weeks.

To celebrate her fighting this horrific disease her mom organized a photo shoot of Lula wearing a sparkly dress and in one Lula is wearing pink boxing gloves.

Her parents had to fight to even get a proper diagnosis for Lula and it was only when they took her to the ER doctors were able to find a huge tumor growing on her kidney.

After she endured the 5-hour surgery her mom Kristin had to prepare her daughter for the inevitable hair loss and said she might have to shave her head like she does for Lula’s big brother.

“To my surprise, her reply was, ‘Let’s do it right now!’” Kristin said. “That’s my girl! 3 years old, not afraid of anything, and ready to tackle on any task and with such grace.”

Lula continued through her tough journey with bravery and grace and her parents celebrated their daughter beating cancer on August 28 with the beautiful photo shoot.

“I have tried to document this season in our lives so we could look back on it forever,” Kristin said. “It’s been a very emotional time for us.

“2020 is going to be a year we remember forever,” writes Mom . “It will be known as the year that changed our lives completely.

“I will never believe again that, ‘oh that won’t happen to me!’ Because it can. No one has a free pass in this life. We are all given trials, we are all tested & we all learn things in our own way.

“This year has definitely done all of those. It has pushed us to our limits, tested our patience & has somehow shown us all of the blessings— even through the ugly.

“My heart is forever changed. My eyes are wide open. My faith has grew by leaps and bounds. And I know without a doubt that my family is strong enough to get through whatever we are faced with.

“I am grateful for this year even through the struggles, it has given me strength, hope + understanding.

“She is my hero. She has graciously gotten us through her hard battle,” wrote her mother.