It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the RSPCA’s Coventry Animal Centre. The shelter was at capacity and the staffers were overwhelmed, but they kept going, hoping things would get better. Then, around 4 p.m., someone noticed a cat carrier abandoned in the middle of the shelter’s driveway.

“Despite our reception being open at this time, a man appeared to hide until a member of staff walked away from the area and then ran away after dropping the carrier,” Dave Budd, deputy manager of the Coventry Animal Centre, said in a press release.

The staffers peered inside and found a mama cat and her kittens. They were confused, covered in fleas and in desperate need of some TLC. The shelter was full, but the staffers knew they couldn’t just leave the little family to fend for themselves. So, they figured it out.

“We cannot operate on a system where people suddenly dump animals on us,” Budd said. “Our cattery is full and so are our foster spaces. Thankfully, one of our experienced members of staff looked after the cats on Saturday night.”

They helped the little family get all settled in and started giving them the care they needed to help get them on a road to recovery.

The mama cat, Trinity, was very underweight when she arrived at the shelter but is eating well and has definitely started to warm up to everyone. She seems so grateful that she and her kittens are finally safe.

“She adores the kittens and rarely lets them roam far from her,” Budd said. “Madison and Navey are doing well and, although they’re nervous of people, they’re coming around slowly.”

Despite being at capacity, the shelter found a way to take care of Trinity and her kittens. They’re now safe and sound and getting all the love they’ve never had before. Once they’re ready, they can go off and find their forever homes and finally know what it means to have a happy life.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to help us care for this little family and who has offered foster spaces; we’re incredibly grateful and we couldn’t do the vital work we do without the amazing support from the local community,” Budd said.