A single mom in Colorado who put clothes on store layaway had her purchases paid off by a charitable couple.

Burlington customer Lisa (who asked NBC news affiliate KOAA News 5 to not print her last name) was thrilled when she learned of the kind act.

“I really appreciate it and I want to say thank you to whoever that was that went out there and did that,” Lisa told the station.

The mom, who lives with partial paralysis, said she had just been on the verge of canceling the clothing and toys she had reserved for her children.

“It’s not easy nowadays from food to utilities to … gas money,” she said.

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Burlington customer service supervisor Dolores Miramontes tells TODAY.com that last week, a couple who appeared to be in their mid-20s entered the store and paid off nearly $500 in layaway items, including those belonging to Lisa. They requested anonymity.

“They were interested in items that had been on layaway for the longest time,” she says. “The man said he wanted to do something nice for the Christmas season.”

Miramontes had the pleasure of calling customers to let them know their balance was zero.

Then, according to Miramontes, another angel flew into the store on Dec. 14.

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“An older woman who heard about what happened paid off about $200 of layaway, then went on her merry way,” she says.

The store offers a 30-day layaway plan, and the deadline for paying off holiday purchases ends on Dec. 18.

Miramontes says she is as happy as her lucky customers, explaining, “It was really nice to see that people have kind hearts.”