The famous sisters Marcy and Millie were born very similar. They had the same noses, eyes, and hair. Many people were mixing them and could not differentiate. And of course nobody expected that anything will change in this fact.

But, as they grew older, every month one of the girls began to change: her skin color darkened, her eyes and hair changed. As a result, Marcie remained blonde, and Millie became dark.

It may seem from the outside that the girls are of different nationalities, but they are not, they are twins. Why did this happen? Everything is quite simple: their parents have different origins, you can look at the photo below.

The twins’ mom, Amanda, is from England, and their dad, Michael, is from Jamaica. They fell in love with each other, despite the condemnation and ridicule of others, and always stayed together.

Soon the couple got married and Amanda became pregnant. When the girls were born, the parents joked: one is mom’s, the second is dad’s. The big family became famous just a few years ago when a photographer published a photo of the girls on the cover of a fashion magazine, there was also an article about them.