The reported impending divorce of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen was breaking news this week. But apparently, the wife of the football star has been trying to leave him for years.

According to a source who spoke to TMZ, the model has threatened to leave over and over. But something always kept her in the marriage. The source also revealed that all of the couple’s marital woes have been entirely over Brady’s seemingly endless football career.

That much has been made abundantly clear. When Tom retired, he spoke on his podcast about how much family time he had missed over the years: “It’s not just about what I want. It’s about what we want as a family.” But then he unretired a few weeks later.

By all appearances, it seemed that what was best for his family no longer mattered when he told the world his place was “still on the field and not in the stands.” That absolutely seemed to be the last broken promise he would make to his wife.

The source said that Bündchen has been telling her husband he absolutely needs to stop playing football for years, but he simply hasn’t been able to pull the plug. While she’s been publicly vocal about her worries about her husband’s health as an aging man in the game, she’s tried hard to appear completely supportive of his choice to keep playing. Still, in her most recent interviews, it seemed hard to mask her true feelings. She’s spoken to just how much energy she feels she’s put into her family. She’s also revealed that she’s told her husband that she wants him to spend more time with her and the kids.

The source said that the NFL schedule has been a big part of their arguments. The schedule means that the athlete is traveling for half of the year and that his wife can’t stand it.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like there is any turning back. Both Tom and Gisele have hired high-profile lawyers who have already begun working on the terms of their divorce agreement.

The source told TMZ that the two are behaving amicably.

An insider also told E! that even though there has been “a lot of love and passion” between the model and the athlete, the separation is “better for everyone.”