The relationship that forms between a graduating class and its principal is different.

The principal plays a pivotal role in the students’ lives as they approach the latter stages of their academic careers, helping them navigate the hurdles they’ve faced and celebrating their successes.

The principal often takes on the role of a guide, providing students with wisdom and inspiration as they embark on the next phase of their life.

They’ve seen these kids mature, and they’ve been there to celebrate their successes and provide guidance when they needed it.

Meanwhile, high school senior pranks have become a popular tradition in high schools worldwide, symbolizing the culmination of a class’s journey.

The graduating class of St. Andrews School in Middletown, Delaware.

These pranks, known for their playful and lighthearted nature, allow graduating seniors to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories.

While the prevalence of high school senior pranks differs among schools, they hold significant importance for many students as a memorable aspect of their senior year.

One of the recent high school senior pranks that went viral was organized by the graduating class of St. Andrews School in Middletown, Delaware; the unsuspecting principal found herself playing host to over 70 overnight guests in her on-campus residence.

The elaborate prank, which occurred last month, was captured in an Instagram video that has gained widespread attention, TODAY noted.

In the video, Joy McGrath, the principal, is dressed in a bathrobe and yellow Crocs as she wakes up early and enters her kitchen, only to discover a group of students camping out on the floor.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected scene, Joy’s surprise is evident as she quickly exits the room.

Principal Joy McGrath was surprised after seeing the whole class in her kitchen.

Reflecting on the prank, Joy expressed her initial shock, saying, “I was in shock. They were in every possible corner like sardines. It took me a second to realize, ‘This is a senior prank!’”

Joy returned to the scene, greeting the class of 2023 with a cheerful “Good morning, little bunnies!” Her playful remark prompted laughter and added to the lighthearted atmosphere.

With a lighthearted tone, McGrath playfully acknowledges the mischievous nature of the student’s actions, jesting about the “trouble” they have gotten themselves into. In a lighthearted moment captured on camera, she points towards an off-camera party and jokingly declares, “You are in the most trouble.”

Amidst the laughter, the principal curiously asks the students how long they have been present in her home.

However, her expression quickly changes to surprise when she discovers they have been there for five hours.

Joy greeting the students.

The prank’s success was partly due to the cooperation of Ty Jones, McGrath’s husband, who left the front door open late at night to allow the students to enter the residence undetected.

The idea for the prank originated after the senior prom when McGrath had jokingly invited the students over for a midnight breakfast. KaiChun “Austin” Chuang, one of the students planning the prank, explains that the initial suggestion of sleeping in the living room sparked their creative thinking.

With impeccable execution, the students surprised Joy, who admits she can sleep through just about anything. In fact, she confesses that she can’t even recall her senior prank from her time as a student at St. Andrews in 1992. “I slept through that one, too!” she chuckles.

Following the high school senior pranks, the seniors enjoyed a delightful breakfast with McGrath and her husband, savoring coffee and donuts before returning to their dormitories.

Reflecting on the experience, Austin appreciates McGrath’s nurturing nature and the trust she builds with the students.

“Mrs. McGrath takes such good care of us,” he remarks. “Whenever people have a problem, they feel comfortable talking to her. She works hard to build trust.”

Joy asking the students how long have been they are in her house.

The video concludes with the school principal expressing her admiration for the students’ audacious prank, likening them to “commandos,” and describing the scene as the most beautiful sight she had ever witnessed.

This sentiment resonated with the social media community, as the enthusiastic reactions showed. One TikTok user couldn’t contain their excitement, proclaiming, “This has to be the most impressive senior prank, lol,” while another chimed in, “Having a sleepover at the principal’s house is EPIC!!!!”

Injecting humor into the discussion, an Instagram user cheekily remarked, “I’m really glad she’s wearing a robe. I definitely don’t make my morning coffee in a robe and Crocs.”

Many commenters also emphasized how the prank showcased the students’ deep respect for their principal.

St. Andrews School.

One Instagram admirer exclaimed, “And this is how you know that the teacher had a positive impact on her students. I love this,” echoing the sentiments of many who found the high school senior pranks like this to be a heartwarming testament to the strong bond between the principal and her students.

Watch the funny but heartwarming senior prank below: