Remember Susan Boyle? She became instantly famous after singing an incredible rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent.

Though she’s not in the limelight as much nowadays, Susan is still going strong, having sold 25 million albums, toured the world, and garnered two Grammy nominations.

But her celebrity status hasn’t affected Susan in the slightest.

In fact, despite having the cash to live anywhere in the world, she would much rather settle down in her very own Scottish childhood home.

And what a childhood Susan had! She was the youngest of nine children – four boys, five girls. She shared a room with two sisters.

You’d think she’d be glad to have a bit more space as an adult, but according to Susan’s website, the house meant a great deal to her. So much so that she bought it back when she received her first cheque from her record label.

But Susan didn’t plan to keep her house in its former state.
She did what anyone with the financial resources would do: she remodeled it from top to bottom, making it her own.

It’s really special to see how Susan has renovated past into present. Her old bedroom is now a dressing room, allowing her to get ready every morning with the fond memories of her childhood close by.

In the video tour of our home, Susan shows off her first room: a piano room.
She can’t help joking:

“That’s a giggle for a start because I can’t even do scales.”

The kitchen might just be the most important room in any house, and Susan’s is certainly a lot to boast about.

It’s small but modern and very beautiful. It features a couple of pictures, including one of Susan and Pope Francis – not that’s a conversation starter for sure!

Up next is Susan’s living room, which is cozy and bright.
You can tell that family means a lot to Susan, as she has photos of her siblings alongside photos documenting her incredible career.

According to Susan, this room took the longest to renovate, especially as she’s away from home on tour for most of the year.

We can tell from the glimpse into Susan’s home that she’s a fan of adorable nicknacks – they’re everywhere.

Susan’s bedroom is off-limits for the sake of her own privacy. For many people, the bedroom is the place to seek safety from the outside world, and most wouldn’t want their bedrooms to be displayed on camera.

Although her house looks beautiful already, according to Susan, she still hasn’t finished with the planned renovations – there’s a spare room that hasn’t even been touched yet.

We know the feeling of being unable to fit in the time to see our plans through – but imagine being a world-famous singer!

Talking to the Sunday Post about her decision to buy and renovate her childhood home, Susan said:

“Some people seem surprised that I choose to stay in my family home. Why shouldn’t I? I feel Mum is still here and there are so many good memories … I’ve spent most of my life in this house and I won’t move now, because I feel it’s part of my new history.”

Good for Susan! Who cares what anyone else says – we can certainly see the appeal of being close to happy childhood memories.