Even when kids become adults it doesn’t mean they stop needing their parents – and vice versa! As moms and dads age, they tend to need more help with each passing decade.

The golden years are when they need our companionship the most. That is also the best time for grown-up kids to show their gratitude and to give back for everything they’ve done for us.

It’s not easy as work and family often keeps us from being with our parents. The best way is to have someone we can trust in the same area. A relative, neighbor, or friend who is willing to check up on them every once in a while.

Tiki Joyner Edwards was lucky to find a kind young man who earned her trust. And he wasn’t even a family member.
His name is Romemylion Mitchell. This teenager made it his personal mission to check on Tiki’s parents, Trent and Cianne Joyner, every day to see if they needed anything. And he’s not even blood-related.

In 2019, Tiki posted the story of Romemylion’s kind act on Facebook. The post and the young man went viral for all the right reasons.

“I just want to take a moment and recognize this sweet fella that lives across the street from my parents. He checks on them every day and has grown to love and care for them deeply,” Tiki wrote.

15-year-old Romemylion rides with her father to the store. Mitchell helps him shop for what he needs, then assists him in bringing the groceries inside. He also cuts the grass and does chores and whatever else the elderly couple need.

“Not many 15 yr olds would take the time to care and be there for elderly neighbors,” she continued.

Romemylion is surely a busy kid too. He’s got school work, a social life with kids his age, and many other responsibilities.