In modern society, there is an opinion that only a person can perform a feat, in whose chest a big and brave heart beats. But sometimes, there are situations when an animal also has the opportunity to show himself in a business that, if successful, will lead him to eternal glory. The main heroes of our story were lucky enough to see firsthand the manifestation of heroism to the animals that tried to save them from certain death … It happened in the forests of the Altai Territory, when autumn, generously covering the foliage with gold and crimson, came into its own.

Early in the morning, two teenagers decided to go to the nearby forest to collect some acorns for making crafts, which they intended to give to their beloved teacher. The guys lived in a remote village, closely adjacent to the forest. The teenagers took a hunting dog with them, which was recommended to them by a local hunter. The fact was that the dog was old and, in the opinion of the tradesman, could no longer take part in the animal’s pen. The hunter had long wanted to get rid of the pet, but did not know how. Therefore, when he saw the schoolchildren, he persuaded them to take the dog with them. Despite the fact that there were many oaks growing in the forest, the guys with great difficulty managed to find only a couple of acorns.

In search of the coveted trophies, the boys went deeper and deeper into the thicket, following the winding path like a snake. The old dog obediently trotted along, and squinting his eyes blindly, he moved his nose from side to side. With each step, the thickets became thicker and, at some point, the teenagers caught themselves thinking that they had gone too far. At that moment, somewhere nearby, a dull crack was heard, accompanied by a characteristic grunt. The boys looked at each other in fright, and the old dog growled hollowly and bristled his fur. The crackling, increasing with every second, caused the teenagers to have a panic attack, but as soon as they decided to run away, a huge boar jumped out of the bushes onto the path.

His massive, saber-like fangs dangerously swayed, and his eyes were frozen with cold rage. It is difficult to say what exactly provoked the aggression in the animal, but there was no doubt that it was not going to retreat. The cleaver menacingly beat with a massive hoof the size of a tea saucer and angrily grunted. Tension hung in the air, and when there was only a moment left before the furious beast was thrown, the old hunting dog was the first to rush at the enemy. Needless to say, the seasoned cleaver surpassed him in size and physical strength. But the effect of surprise and the courage of the dog did their job and the boar backed away. At the same time, the cleaver, of course, did not flee, trying to get the dog with his curved fangs.

Fortunately, in the turmoil of the fight between two angry animals, the teenagers made the only right decision and ran away. The boys stopped only on the outskirts of the village, when the dull roar of a boar and the barking of a dog were left far behind. The teenagers told the owner of the old dog about what happened to them in the forest. Taking the gun, the man hurried to the place mentioned by the boys. The wounded pet, the hunter found lying in the middle of a blood-soaked trail. Near the place of the massacre, there were scraps of brown wool and down… the boar was nowhere to be seen and, apparently, he disappeared into the forest thicket. The dog, gasping for air, looked longingly at the owner, whom he had served faithfully for many years.

Tears welled up in the hunter’s eyes and, suffering from belated remorse, he took him in his arms. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save the pet and the wounds inflicted on him by the boar turned out to be fatal. Of course, from the position of a simple man in the street, it is difficult to condemn a hunter who, having lost faith in an old dog, wanted to get rid of him. Perhaps he really was no longer suitable for hunting… But, the hunting instinct of an animal hardly has an age limit and, despite its apparent external weakness, the dog turned out to be ready for the feat. After all, if not for his courage, the meeting of the guys with the wild boar could have ended very badly. Friends, if you liked this touching story, please like it, write your comments and share it with your friends.