A typical day became two parents’ worst nightmare when they learned their son was severely injured. Thankfully, God was about to perform a great miracle—it was one the family would never forget.

Tragic accidents occur when we least expect them, and this was the case for a family from El Campo, Texas. They were living a happy life on their farm, and everything seemed perfect on a Saturday in September 2022.

Kendall Macek and her husband, Chase Macek, were grilling fajitas and soaking up the weekend bliss on their back patio. But something went wrong, and a horrific accident occurred in less than two minutes.

One of the couple’s sons came running towards them, and the unexpected scenes shocked Kendall and Chase. The youngster was crying as he carried his one-year-old brother, Ripp.

The little one was severely injured, and his older brother shared that he had run him over with their tractor. The September 24 accident was devastating, and Ripp was in immense pain, fighting for his life.

Kendall recalled her son’s cries and said it was a sound she would never forget. They rushed Ripp to the hospital—his survival was the first of many miracles coming the family’s way.

Life Flight transported the toddler to a Pediatric ICU, where doctors worked tirelessly to keep him alive. Kendall felt like a piece of her was on the operating table, waiting for news about her son’s condition.

The couple’s precious little boy needed multiple blood transfusions and other procedures, but his dad was hopeful amid the chaos. Chase said:

The freak accident kept Ripp in the hospital for two weeks, and the staff did everything to help him recover. Emily Klein was the little one’s physical therapist and had her work cut out—she taught him how to crawl and walk again.

Due to his severe head trauma, the toddler even had to learn how to eat again. Miraculously, he was progressing well, and the family was grateful to have their son home just in time for Thanksgiving.

They had so much to be thankful for, and their son’s survival was at the top of the list. Kendall expressed that throughout the ordeal, everyone kept saying God’s hand was over Ripp’s head, and she believed it.

Photos of the youngster displayed him with a bright smile full of teeth. Nobody could tell the shocking experience he had just endured when they looked at the child’s joyful demeanor.

Chase knew God had something big in store for Ripp in the future. He guessed his son would become a doctor, but only time would tell.

Ripp still had to wear a neck brace and had a long road of recovery ahead of him. However, his loved ones looked forward to every small step in the right direction.

In an update on Ripp’s progress, a family representative noted that the little one was “moving mountains” daily. During the challenging season, Ripp’s bubbly personality never changed, and his parents thanked God.

They were also immensely appreciative of their local community. Kendall wrote:

“Thank you again for all the prayers and support … we got through the worst of it and finally feel like we are breathing again. We could not have gotten through this without y’all. Our community is amazing and we are so grateful for all of you!”