Howard and Cheryl, a couple who had been trying for a baby for years, finally discovered Cheryl was pregnant after their dog, Mittens, started exhibiting unusual behavior. Mittens became fiercely protective of Cheryl, leading them to suspect pregnancy before it was confirmed by a test.

After the birth of their daughter, Sky, Mittens continued his vigilant protection, particularly against their close friend Wanda, who turned out to be a foreign intelligence agent spying on Howard’s government security work. Wanda’s espionage was discovered through security camera footage, revealing her breaking into Sky’s room through a hidden entrance.

The revelation of Wanda’s betrayal left Howard and Cheryl shocked and horrified, but they were grateful for Mittens’ instinctive protection. Despite considering re-homing Mittens due to his behavior, they realized he had been trying to warn them about Wanda all along. With Wanda exposed and Mittens hailed as a hero, the family found comfort and security in their loyal canine companion.

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