The McDonald’s brand is famous worldwide as one of the most well-known fast food restaurants. While the restaurant may be well-known, the same can’t be said for all its menu items.

In fact, many of the ideas this company tried to turn into well-known meal items have been failures! In this video, you get to learn about some things that Mcdonald’s has discontinued for one reason or another.

McDonald’s didn’t use to offer any breakfast options (beyond your traditional coffee). However, the brand quickly figured out that customers needed early morning on-the-go options and decided to enter the breakfast market.

While some items made the cut, many fell short and had to be cut from the menu. Have you heard of the Benedict McMuffin? Perhaps do you remember the Spanish Omelet Bagel?

You might have gentle memories, but customers generally weren’t fans: neither of these breakfast items stayed on the menu for very long! Of course, failures weren’t limited to the breakfast menu either!

The Big Mac may be an best burger, but many other McDonald’s burgers—like the Son of Mac & the McFeast—didn’t fare too well. Even though US sales weren’t good, some of the burgers remain famous and accessible in other parts of the world.

Fast food & premium prices rarely mix together well: the Angus Burger lineup is an excellent example of this. Although the burgers received good reviews, rising beef prices ultimately ended their short run. Over the years, McDonald’s has experimented with many other foods, including the McLobster, McHotDogs, and the McSoup.

Are there any discontinued items you miss? If you’re not sure why they were canceled (or if they’ll return), you might be able to find the answers you’re looking for in this funny, nostalgic, and informative video!