During the harsh winter, you’ve undoubtedly heard the tale about George Washington commanding soldiers across the Delaware River. Washington’s leadership and perseverance helped him to successfully execute a conflict that proved crucial to the Revolutionary War.

The master artist Emanuel Leutze immortalized Washington’s triumphant moment in one of three paintings, each painted with oil paints in 1851 by setting the famous image on canvas.

Now, however, the White House will be selling off one of Washington’s works of art. The painting that will be sold was displayed in the White House from the 1970s until 2014 when it was removed. Experts predict that when the artwork goes up for auction, it will sell for at least 20 million dollars.

Only two of Leutze’s three depictions of Washington crossing the Delaware River survive today. This is one of the two remaining paintings. It will be a fantastic addition to a museum or gallery since it is practically unique and something that most individuals have seen before.

According to a revelation supplied by American Art specialist Paige Kestenman at Christie’s New York, the first painting of Washington crossing the Delaware River was lost during World War II when an air attack bombed Germany.

The second version of the work is on display at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the country’s most significant art museum. It has a diameter of 12.4 feet and a length of 21.25 feet.

“The second is the monumental work that is the centerpiece of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s American Wing, and the third is this work right here,” stated Kestenman.

Although the White House painting that was replaced with a replica at the Met is somewhat smaller, it is still very valuable. Someone will acquire the image of Washington leading American troops across the Delaware River on Christmas Night in 1776 across New Jersey during this battle.

Meanwhile, the painter Leutze, who was born in Germany but moved to America, wanted to commemorate Washington’s triumph during the Revolutionary War.

“A German-born American immigrant, Leutze was also a staunch abolitionist, and in ‘Washington crossing the Delaware,’ he deliberately included a variety of the figures that make up the melting pot that formed the American nation,” stated Kestenman.

As you can see, this painting is far more than simply Washington crossing the Delaware River. It is a sign of America’s power and durability – two qualities that have been essential to our nation since its inception.

So, if you’re looking for a historical piece, keep an eye out for this one – it’ll undoubtedly be a real treasure. Who knows; maybe you’ll be the one to acquire it!