Eva and Erica Sandoval were born in California on August 10, 2014. Having a common body and one pair of legs for two, in the first two years of their lives they learned to understand each other without a single word. They took their first step at the age of one and a half years, and until that moment they simply adored “walking” in the arms of mom and dad.

Art and Eida, the parents of Siamese twins, planned to separate the girls from birth, but it was not so easy to decide on this step. By the age of 2, Eva and Erica almost did not lag behind their peers in development. Cheerful and very active, they could spend hours in the playroom climbing ladders and ropes.

But Mr. and Mrs. Sandoval understood that their little ones deserved more – independence from each other. At the end of 2016, they went to a local clinic. After several months of examinations and a number of preparatory measures, the doctors appointed the separation for December 6th.

The procedure lasted 18 hours, and as many as fifty specialists surrounded the girls, not leaving them for a moment. In the evening of the next day, the first results became known – the twins feel good! Now it became possible to talk about each of them separately.

Eva and Erica were sent home in March 2017. This day has become a real holiday both for family members and for the entire staff of the clinic. After the separation, the twin sisters had to relearn many of the everyday things they used to do together. But it was worth it!

Independence from each other opened up a lot of new opportunities for girls, and they quickly mastered a new way of transportation for themselves – riding on special devices that look like toy cars. Now the twin sisters, who were separated at the age of 2, are already 6 years old. Almost 4 years after what they consider their second birthday, a lot has changed.

Thanks to several commercials on television, the whole world learned about the girls. Now they are real little celebrities who dream of becoming models or actresses in the future. And their lives are actively followed by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.