My neighbour is of terrible type. She is 30 years old, unmarried girl and lives next door. I have never seen such a jealous person.

Recently, my husband made a surprise for me and bought the boots I wanted from Puma. My neighbour was there when I received the gift. She didn’t even say congratulations and when my husband left the house, she turned to me and said: “No matter what you dress a monkey in, it’s still a monkey.”

We had a good argument. Exactly 30 minutes after that argument, I heard her screaming from the yard. I ran to the yard and saw a snake walking by, I realized that it had bitten.

I quickly helped him, gave her a full glass of water to drink and called the emergency service. She was huddled in fear all the time, and I calmed her down.

To tell the truth, I don’t know if someone else were in my place, how would he/she behave with a person who constantly breathes only evil, but my conscience did not force me to act differently. I have God and everything is visible from above.