Natalia Borodina, a 35-year-old mother of one, visited the Dominican Republic for a vacation. There, she would commit a deadly error that was captured on camera. It sadly started out like so many others. When one poor choice led to a chain of events, a camera in a moving car was rolling.

The Russian woman relocated to Chelyabinsk, the regional capital, before settling in Moscow. Zlatoust is an industrial city in the Urals. Natalia was marketing houses to affluent Russian purchasers in Cannes, France, just before she left for her tropical getaway, according to Daily Mail.

Natalia appeared to have it all: a successful career, a small son, a lovely face, and a desirable physique. The latter, however, would lead to her demise while on her Dominican Republic trip. Natalia made the decision to display her breasts for onlookers as well as the camera while driving in a red Kia near Punta Cana while her pal videotaped her putting on a show.

Natalia showed off her bikini top for the camera after removing it. Ivanna Boirachuk, who was eventually identified as her companion and the driver, captured Natalia hauling her topless body out of the car window on video using her smartphone as she was driving. The cheerful woman swayed, danced, and laughed while her upper half hung out the passenger window of the moving automobile. Her only clothing was a pair of bikini bottoms. She was blissfully oblivious to the impending peril.

Natalia giggled and inserted her finger playfully in her mouth while giving the camera a sensual look. Rational observers of the video see that their hearts are pounding more because of the woman’s risky circumstances than because of her seductive performance. Many people worry that she may drop out of the window, but something much worse is about to happen.

Natalia occasionally peeks through the windshield from outside and seems to stumble. She squeals and briefly makes her way back to the car before letting herself hang out the window once more. The obviously happy show immediately takes a disturbing turn as her arms are extended wide and swinging free, her head leaned back, and her eyes looking up towards the sky.

According to Heavy, the above video ends shortly before Natalia Borodina, who was hanging out of the car window, cruelly struck her skull against the post of a traffic sign. Warning: Although it was not seen in the video above, it is shown in the pictures and the news clip below.

In the moving car, Natalia struck the passing object with all of her body weight, and it was caught on camera. The results were disastrous. She wasn’t killed instantly, but she did pass away from “severe injuries” after being taken to the hospital.

The impact of the accident and its aftermath are both fully shown in the account from a foreign source, which is seen below. The violent video shows Natalia’s blood covering the passenger side of the automobile as well as the screams that followed the collision.

Viewers can also see a picture of her following the incident. She doesn’t appear to have been alive when the picture was shot, however, that isn’t proven. Be forewarned—all it’s quite challenging to see. But it fulfills a crucial function.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, which was translated by Daily Mail, “the woman was having fun exposing her nude breasts while her companion drove the automobile.” Initially, the driver was held due to a potential role in drinking. Ivanna Boirachuk was eventually released by police after being cleared “of any misconduct,” according to The Sun.

Sadly, conflicting reports indicate that Natalia’s son, who is around eight years old, may have been with her when the tragedy occurred. Others claim that he was with Natalia’s sister when she passed away, in Russia. Fortunately, he was not in the vehicle to see his mother’s accident, according to Mundo Deportivo.

According to Natalia Borodina’s family, she will be remembered as a loving mother and daughter. Sadly, it won’t be how many will remember her online. She will be remembered as the carefree, fun-loving person who went too far and died horrifyingly as a result.

But let’s hope Natalia Borodina’s passing wasn’t entirely in vain. This should serve as a warning that the foolish choices we make for enjoyment can have terrible, lasting effects. You might get the popular video you wanted, but it might also be your last.

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