American-born Swiss Singer and Actress Tina Turner is undoubtedly one of the most successful singers of her time. With a career spanning over sixty years in the entertainment industry, the icon has thrilled her fans with her wonderful voice and electrifying performance.

However, there is more to Tina than being a show business star. The actress is also a wife and mother to four children, Ike Turner Jr, Michael Turner, Ronnie Turner, and her late son, Craig Turner. She welcomed her first child, Craig, with Saxophonist Raymond Hill in 1958.

At the time, Tina was only 18 years old. Even though the pair were ecstatic about being parents, their happiness could not prevent their relationship from crumbling shortly after.

Then, in 1960, the singer found love again in the arms of Late American Musician and Record Producer Ike Turner. That same year, Turner and Ike Sr. welcomed their first child together, Ronnie.

Two years later, the former couple walked down the aisle. Not long after, Tina adopted Ike Sr’s two kids, Ike Jr. and Michael, from his previous marriage to Lorraine Taylor, while the record producer adopted Craig.

Together, they became a happy family of six. Unfortunately, the happiness could not last forever, as the couple’s marriage ended in 1978, making Tina a single mother of four.

A few years later, the “Last Action Hero” star would open up about parenting her kids, especially Ronnie. While speaking in a 1989 TV Week Interview, Tina revealed:

“Ike gave me those children and not a penny to look after them with. I was left trying to take care of his kids and mine. As for the accusations about me being a bad mother to Ronnie, he was put through private schools and given allowances and everything you can give a kid.”

Further speaking about Ronnie, the Grammy award-winning singer explained: “I keep an eye on him, and when he hits rock bottom, I chip in, but then I back off again. I’m not going to be a bank for a nearly 30-year-old man. I supported Ronnie well into his 20s, but they all recently got cut off. I’m still there for the boys, but I’m not going to let them use me.”

Ike Turner Jr. Claimed Mother Abandoned Them
Over the years, Tina has made the headlines for various reasons, one of which includes her complicated relationship with her children, especially Ronnie.

In April 2018, the singer’s name was again on many’s lips after Ronnie made a surprising claim during an interview. In the singer’s son’s words:

“Tina raised me from the age of two. She’s the only mother I’ve ever known. But I haven’t talked to my mother since God knows when – probably around 2000. I don’t think any of my brothers have talked to her in a long time either.”

The actor further alleged that Tina had cut herself off from her children and was living elsewhere with her man. According to Ronnie: “My mother is living her life – she has a new husband, and she’s in Europe. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the past.”

However, irrespective of Tina’s absence, the singer’s sons appear to be doing okay. Ike Jr. once confessed they get money from a trust fund.

At the time, he also noted that Craig was into real estate, while Ronnie was in excellent health and happily married. Sadly, Michael was in a convalescent home and need of medical assistance.

In addition, Ike Jr. made it known that despite Michael’s condition, Tina never visited but often sent him money. Meanwhile, the actress lives happily in Switzerland with her second husband and Music Producer, Erwin Bach.

The pair tied the knot in 2013 at a registry office in Zurich. The couple had already lived together in the beautiful country for over 20 years before their wedding.

Tina noted that it had always been her dream to go to Switzerland, so when Bach moved there for his company, she was happy and followed. After settling in the country for many years, the singer finally obtained her Swiss citizenship in early 2013.

Eventually, during a June 2019 interview, Tina made it known that she believed loneliness was the primary reason for Craig’s suicide.

Nevertheless, she strongly felt that her son was at peace and in a good place. She said her final goodbye to Craig on July 19, 2018, by gathering family and friends and spreading his ashes off the coast of California. Tina noted that it was the saddest day for her as a mother.

The renowned actress still has three other children. Born in 1960, Ronnie followed in his parent’s footsteps, pursuing a career in entertainment.