There has been a multitude of rumors that the marriage between the model and the football star is on the rocks after Tom missed 11 days of preseason training with his football team and Gisele reportedly went to Costa Rica alone. The rumors began after Tom made the surprising decision to return to football this season, despite the fact that he ostensibly retired from the sport to give his family more of his time.

A source recently told Page Six that while Gisele has returned to Florida after her trip, she isn’t with her husband. The source said, “Gisele isn’t back with Tom. She flew back to Florida to be with her kids but hasn’t been to their home in Tampa.”

The source goes on to add that Gisele has told Tom she’s leaving him.

“Tom is still hoping they can reconcile. Gisele has told him she’s leaving him before, and they always made up when she cooled down.”

Gisele reportedly went to Costa Rica after she and Tom had a gigantic fight that was reportedly about Tom’s decision to return to football. That news was leaked after Tom’s bizarre appearance in a preseason interview.