Crystal Carpenter, the wife of former corporal Kyle Finn Carpenter, shared a video of her husband getting promoted to sergeant. Their three-year-old son partook in this spectacular promotion ceremony. His son is given the honor of re-badging his father, sealing his promotion from a corporal to sergeant.

Kyle marched up to the front of other lined up soldiers of the marine corps. He was being read a write-up by his colleagues congratulating him for his promotion. As well as informing him of his new obligations in this higher rank he is being promoted to.

The write-up read to him stated the fact that he has to lead an exemplary life. One which his inferiors should be able to emulate to improve the US marines. It also stated that he will be responsible for the marines in his charge leading with firmness and dignity while observing the orders and directives of his senior commandant.

Shortly after reading his duties and obligations to his marines and superiors, he shared a firm handshake with his comrade in arms, and the troops applauded him. The joy on his face is second to none.

At this juncture, his three-year-old son was invited into the scene. Introducing himself by saying “Good afternoon, gentlemen” in what is almost the cutest way ever. He was allowed the honors to re-badge his father making his promotion to sergeant in the US marines official.

His mom and wife, Crystal Carpenter, stood at a distance video graphing the whole event. Members of the marines who happened to be present at the promotion ceremony were spotted tearing up at the sight of the beautiful scenery unfolding before them.

Immediately the whole re-badging process was done; Kyle gave his son a hug and saluted battle-brothers while re-assuming his position with the troops. Fellow marines who also had their kids present at the ceremony did well to get together after the whole event. They allowed their children to socialize with one another as they set out to have a good time. It was indeed an awesome promotion ceremony.