The one thing we know for a fact about life is how unpredictable it is. We never know what awaits us the next day. When a young life is lost, it is heartbreaking.

These two teenage girls had their entire lives ahead of them. A day that was something their families had been looking to, turned into one of mourning and tragic heartbreak…

Like many teenage girls all across the country, young Bayleigh Bowlin and Chloe Taylor were also excited about their homecoming dance. The girls were best friends, and of course, posed together before they left for the dance.

Chloe’s mother lovingly posted the pictures of the two girls, on her Facebook account as any proud parent would. Little did she know, just a few hours later, she would have to live through her worst nightmare.

The girls went to the dance at East Central High School in Jackson County on Saturday night. Early Sunday morning, their families realized they were missing and posted on Facebook, worried about their whereabouts.

Authorities meanwhile had discovered a car crash on the intersection of Highway 613 and Lum Reeves Road on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. The girls had been involved in the crash and had both died at the site of the accident.

Officials discovered a 2012 Nissan Altima with Taylor still in the driver’s seat and Bowlin in the passenger seat. Officials confirmed that the car had crashed into an embankment and a tree.

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation by authorities.The families of the girls are understandably heartbroken at this tragic loss of young life. Chloe Taylor’s mother posted some of the last pictures she took of her daughter before she left for the dance with a heartwrenching message.

She wrote down her pain, saying, ” I never expected as a parent I would have to go through this much heartache. She didn’t deserve this, she had so much more life to live. She wasn’t supposed to leave this earth before me. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m torn down to the most extreme agony and pain.”

It is honestly heartbreaking to learn of these losses. A makeshift memorial has been set up for the girls by their families and friends, who are all taking their time to remember their lives.

Our hearts go out to the family of Bayleigh Bowlin and Chloe Taylor as they navigate this major loss. May the young women rest in peace.