They say in showbiz, ‘never work with children or animals.’

That sounds right, especially in this Aussie couple’s situation when they were just about to get engaged, and a child dropped the engagement ring into the ocean.

A viral TikTok video showed that an Australian couple was about to have the moment of their lives as Luke was just about to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie when Stephanie’s two years old daughter accidentally dropped the ring into the water.

“As Luke got down on one knee, Stephanie’s daughter Harper reached out to grab the ring but dropped it on the decking—which happened to have gaps in it.” Reported Newsweek.

Stephanie, who goes by the username @stephanieariana0 on TikTok, posted the video of the incident and wrote,

“Had to tell Harpie that it was kissed by the fish and mermaids for good luck.”

When Harpie dropped the ring on the deck, having small gaps in it, the ring fell into the sea, and everyone present at the spot started looking for it.

“That’s why I avoid adding kids in situations like this,” a user wrote under Stephanie’s video.

“Note to self: don’t propose on a floor with crevices that will swallow your ring,” another commented.

“Let’s just agree that you CAN’T do this with little kids, especially on a place like this,” said another.

“Omg so lucky he found it…what a story to tell at the wedding though,” wrote another user.

“According to the couple, the water in Hervey Bay in Queensland is clear, meaning the ring could still be seen. Luke was able to track down and grab the jewelry, which now sits on Stephanie’s finger.” Wrote Newsweek.