Choosing to go vegan or vegetarian can be very personal, especially when the choice is made over the protection of animals and the environment. This subject gets more complicated when you are parenting because it can become an ethical concern when you prohibit what your children do and do not eat, or at least that is how some people see it. Others are of the mind that it is always a parent’s prerogative to choose what their children eat.

One mother is facing this dilemma with her own daughter, age 8, who has recently begun eating meat after being raised vegan. The mom seems upset because it was her ex-husband who fed the meat to their daughter. He also did not mention this dietary change at all. The mom found out about it because one evening, around dinner time, her daughter had a meltdown over not getting to eat chicken nuggets.

The mom explained in a Reddit post that her daughter was in the car on the way home from her dad’s when she started crying and screaming over wanting chicken nuggets. The child’s mom offered her vegan options instead, but she had her heart set on the meat. Finally, after calming down, the daughter asked her mom if she would hate her for not being vegan, to which the mom responded: No, of course not.

The vegan mom posted her story to an online forum to find out if she was in the wrong for being furious with her ex-husband for feeding their daughter chicken nuggets and for forcing her daughter to remain vegan until she is old enough to choose and prepare her food. Keep reading to see what others had to say about this predicament.