Simply speaking the name of the superhero “Superman” brings to mind the dashing Henry Cavill, isn’t that right?

Twitter has lately shown a big amount of interest in the story of Henry and his nephew Thomas. Thomas, who is just seven years old, was accused of lying when he claimed that his uncle was Superman.

When schoolchildren were asked to recall stories about their families at the time, Thomas wore a Superman shirt to school on one of the days, and that’s when everything began to go wrong.

The instructor could not understand why Thomas was wearing the shirt.

Thomas kept his self-assurance by saying, “Because my uncle is Superman,” over and over again. Thomas was called to the office and given a stern warning about the dangers of “living in fantasy.”

The instructor claims that Superman does not exist in our world.

The instructor strongly suggested to Thomas’ mother that she discuss the problem with her son when it was time for them to go home.

The educator said, “Now your child has tricked everyone by stating that his uncle is Superman,” however, the response that Thomas’ mother gave was, “That’s the truth.”

The next thing that happened was that Thomas’ mother implored Henry to go to his school and save’ her son from the people there who still didn’t believe in him.

According to Thomas’ mother, she asked Henry to bring up her son from school so that he would not be chastised and accused of lying.