A family of six from Seattle was close-knit and did everything together. The parents adored their kids and never imagined life without them. When tragedy struck unexpectedly, they were left speechless.

Anyone who has lost a loved one understands pain and heartbreak. When moms and dads are forced to bid farewell to their little ones, the experience is doubly devastating.

A doting couple was immensely grateful for the blessing of four happy and healthy children. However, their world turned upside down when one of their precious brood passed away without warning.

Geoff and Akasha Balkman are fun-loving parents who gave their little family the best they could. The couple always showered their kids in love and made memories along the way.

Going on family trips and adventures was a routine part of their lives, and the siblings had a blast together. The Balkman brood learned how to surf, ski and skateboard together.

As the youngest child of the brood, Carson brought a special light to the lives of his loved ones—they struggled to picture a world without him.
On weekends, they spent hours jumping on the trampoline and doing a variety of fun activities outdoors. Life was good, and the Balkmans had no reason to think their time making memories as a family of six would end.

September 23, 2022, was a day the family would never forget. The parents woke up ready to face another day with their beloved children, unaware that tragedy was waiting around the corner.

The couple found their seven-year-old son, Carson, unresponsive in his bed. They had no warning signs to indicate something was wrong but eventually learned a shocking truth—their little boy suffered from an undiagnosed asymptomatic kidney infection.

The health condition cost the little boy his life and devastated the Balkman family. As the youngest child of the brood, Carson brought a special light to the lives of his loved ones—they struggled to picture a world without him.

Carson’s family shared that the little one learned how to ski when he was only two years old. They added that he loved brown bears and baseball and spread laughter wherever he went. His mom said:

“He was the most perfect and special person I’ve ever known. I don’t know how I got so blessed to be his mother.”

The family lost “the light of all [the] love and joy” in their lives but remained strong. The youngster’s aunt, Stephanie Balkman, described him as a ray of sunshine and shared: “This has been painful for our family, but we are grieving together.”

The little boy’s parents had recently graduated and needed as much help as possible with funeral expenses. They wanted to give their son the service he deserved.

A family representative also asked for prayers and support. On their GoFundMe page, a post stated:

“If you want to help, the money donated to this will go directly toward funeral expenses. Please also send along extra prayers for the parents and three children, all who are shattered and deeply grieving. Carson will be so painfully missed.”

By September 28, more than $35,000 had been donated to assist the grieving family. While the financial aid didn’t take away their pain, it helped to know they had the backing of their community. On Facebook, the shattered mom expressed:

“There are no words to describe the pain we are experiencing. Even though it’s hard to see any light in this darkness, we feel so much gratitude for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support from so many around us.”

Carson’s funeral will be held on Friday, September 30, at the Seattle LDS Temple in Bellevue. We send the family our thoughts and condolences for what will be a sad day. May God grant them the strength to continue.

Netizens were heartbroken hearing about the family’s loss and many offered comments of support online. Users sympathized with the mom, dad, and siblings as they faced one of life’s most painful moments:

“What a cute boy. I loved looking at these pictures of this adorable little Carson. It just breaks my heart.”

– (Jadeyn Glauser Miner) September 25, 2022

“I am so so sorry for your tremendous loss. You can see the great love that Carson had for you and his family. Sending so much love your way.”

– (Christine Young Oakes) September 25, 2022

“I am just lost for words. I can’t believe it. I am so very sorry for the deep heartache everyone is feeling. Sending you and especially Akasha’s family all my love, thoughts, and prayers from the other side of the world.”

– (Carrie Westenskow Monson) September 25, 2022

Another Angel Was Taken Too Soon
The passing of a youngster always breaks the hearts of many. One 11-year-old boy from Union County, North Carolina, also passed away suddenly on May 30, leaving friends and family shattered.

Eli Svonovec loved playing football, and he had a bright future ahead. Sadly, fate had other plans. Loved ones honored the fallen angel and the youngster’s football coach, John Arthur, vowed he would be a part of their brotherhood forever.

Eli and Carson left a remarkable legacy in their short time on earth. Their memories will live on in the lives of everyone who knew and loved them.

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