Especially these days, many people are unable to pay rent or provide basic services for themselves and their families.

This young family was only notified seven days before they left home and it looks like they will end up on the streets.

Joshua Thane, 27, and Amy Winter, 26, have three young children.

Amy is currently expecting her fourth child. Unfortunately, the young couple is in a subsidized state and has not paid the rent for months.

The couple have been given until January 31 to vacate their residence. As a result, they are now waiting for the door to be smashed down.

“We’ve gotten to a point where we don’t go out or do anything because we’re scared.” I’ve asked my relatives for help, but they can’t help with the accommodation as they only have one- and two-bedroom dormitories to have.

My partner’s uncle is the only one who is willing to help, but he lives in Somerset.”

Amy Winter is a writer who lives in the United

Amy Winter and her three daughters, Lexi, Skye, and Daisy-Mae, with their father Joshua Thain. The Huddersfield Examiner provided this image.

The housing association threatened to “throw them on the streets,” Amy told The Sun. Barnsley Council claims to have offered the couple options, but they declined since it would mean the family would have to split up.

“I believe Barnsley Council should get off their arses and work out what they’re going to do, rather than telling us one thing and then another.” After all that’s happened, including Josh’s mother’s death, I responded, ‘I ain’t dividing my family just because you want me to.’”

Unfortunately, Sanctuary Housing owns the property, and none of the couple’s names appear on the tenancy agreement. They claim to have been living there with Joshua’s mother, Victoria Robertshaw. However, she died in Covid in August of last year at the age of 45.

The council claims to have done everything they can.

According to Yorkshire Live, a Sanctuary Housing spokeswoman stated that this was not a hasty or impulsive choice. The pair has been living in the house without paying rent for months.

“On Monday, January 31, a judge granted an Outright Possession Order for this property, requiring the tenants to depart within seven days. The case concerned large rent arrears that had accumulated due to a lack of payment for several months. “We have been liaising with Barnsley Council to ensure the residents can get alternative accommodation as quickly as possible, so this home may then be allocated to a family who are currently on Barnsley’s housing list,” said the firm.

Jenny Platts, a councillor from Barnsley, added to the conversation. “Our housing team is still working with the couple, giving them guidance on their housing alternatives and assisting them in looking for other housing.”