If you can dream it, you can do it says a famous quote, and it couldn’t be more true.

Indeed, when you are dreaming of something, you can achieve it as long as you have perseverance, patience, and determination.

Jaines Andrades was only 19 years old when she decided she wanted to work in the nursing field, but, at the time, she had no idea how she could achieve that or where it would eventually lead her.

The Massachusetts woman started by studying to be a nurse, and she did get a degree in nursing. But that degree did not come with a job. Since the young woman had to work in order to make ends meet, she found a job at a local fast food restaurant.

While she was working at the restaurant, Baystate Medical Center offered her an interview and she didn’t miss the chance. She just jumped into it without thinking twice.

You see, it was not an interview for a nurse position, it was an interview for a custodian.

“Even if it was a cleaning position,” Andrades explained in an interview with CBS Boston, “as long as I was near patient care, I ‘d be able to observe things, so I thought it was a good idea.”

Indeed, although it was hard work, it offered her lots of experience when it came to observing nurse-patient interaction.

A while later, the same hospital offered her a job as a nurse, and she was more than happy to accept it. After all, she deserved it after having worked so hard over the past years.
But Andrades did not stop there. The job as a Registered Nurse was still not exactly where she had dreamed of reaching. She had wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner since she was 19, and she knew she could make that happen.

“Once I start something, I have to see it through, so if I’m going to be a custodian and then be a nurse, it only makes sense to be a nurse practitioner there,” she told WGGB.

Indeed, once she completed her degree as an NP in Trauma Surgery, she was offered a job as an NP at the same hospital where she had been working all these years.

First as a janitor, then as a nurse, now as a Nurse Practitioner. What an achievement!
The young woman celebrated the 10 years of working at the same place, but in different positions throughout the years, by posting a photo on Facebook. In the photo, we can see her three hospital IDs.

The caption reads: “10 years of work but it was worth it! I’m a provider at the same place I [used] to clean”!

The post went viral with more than 12k shares and 16k likes! The woman is very happy with how things turned out for her, but she explains that your job says nothing about you as a person.

“Your academic success or your professional success, obviously, it deserves praise and you should be proud of that, but it doesn’t make you a better person.”