The video interview from the animal rights organization PETA will warn all pet owners to stay alarmed after a dog died on a groomer’s chair.

Ashley Ross took her dog, Kobe, to a PetSmart store in Pittsburgh when all of a sudden an unbelievable thing happened. Ross wasn’t allowed to enter the room and had to wait outside the room while the groomers would trim the dog’s nails. But soon she heard an announcement calling for a manager to a grooming room.

Ross immediately entered the room and found her dog lying lifeless on the table. The groomers stood there motionless and ross was furious. She called the police and when the police intervened PetSmart provided videos of hidden cameras.

It turned out that the dog was uncomfortable with the leashes and struggled a lot. However, the groomers were indifferent and waited until the dog was dead. Find more details of the story in the video below and stay tuned to what could be done with your pet if you are not present there.